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About Almasi School

What We Stand For

At Almasi School, we commit ourselves to solve the worry that keeps you up at night— the uncertainty of your children’s future. We know that the best inheritance you can give your children is quality education and a solid foundation for life. So, we made it our mission to raise your children to be next-generation leaders who are global citizens, solid in character, and competent in the art of self-leadership. We raise your children to be purposeful in their involvement and influence of their communities.

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

At Almasi, we intentionally invest in your children for a lifetime of significant living.

Through collaboration with parents, we strive to provide our students with a valuable, first class, and wholesome education. But we delve deeper. We are dedicated to Christian-centred character training.

We are committed to equipping your sons and daughters to be sensible, trustworthy, confident, focused, self-starter young adults who practice a consistent and strong work ethic.

where it all began

Almasi School was founded in 2012 by Sophia Mbevi, a teacher who felt first-hand the inadequacies of the public school system.  After going through her university course, she still felt half-baked to impact the lives of the students she was teaching.

The situation in the school she was posted to by the government also made it impossible for the students to learn effectively. There was neither teacher guides, workbook for students, commitment from the staff, nor essential learning facilities. Unable to be productive in the public system, Sophia quit the government job and ventured into the private school sector.

While Sophia thought that public schools were bad, the private sector was worse. It was a system that focused purely on cut-throat competition, unfair comparison and labeling of learners based on their academic performance.


Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

The teachers were not teaching for the sake of imparting knowledge— the end goal was the exams!

Unethical teaching practices and exam coaching were rampant. Sophia realized that there existed a massive gap between what the parents need for their children and what the schools offered.

Parents need and are willing to invest in a holistic education that could afford their children intellectual, moral, and social competency with emphasis on individual learner’s capabilities and interests. The schools offered academic credentials, but without lasting benefit to the learner.

Moreover, the pressure to excel in a competitive system that doesn’t recognize different talents and abilities of the students breaks their learning spirit.

It is these inadequacies that compelled Sophia to create a school that will cater for the real needs of the learners: an individualized education system that prepared the learners to grow in their awareness of self, appreciate and celebrate diversity, and commit to being change agents who positively impact their world.

On Wednesday, 18th January 2012 when Almasi School opened its doors to the business of transforming lives, it only had 7 pupils. Today, the school has impacted over 150 changemakers. We can’t be more proud of our small beginnings.



What Parents & Students say

“I learnt to be a responsible peer leader. I loved that there was such community, we hang out as families outside of school and connected personally with our teachers.” Peninah Nechesa Odima

BA Music Graduate – Daystar University

“We selected the ACE curriculum for our children because it offers a holistic approach towards education. Since they began the ACE curriculum, our children’s view of education and life has changed. They love and enjoy going to school. .” Sekoh Nyadiero


“We felt that we were losing our son in the 8-4-4 system given its aggressively competitive nature and little attention given to the individual child’s needs. As we reviewed our options, we were referred to Almasi by a family friend. My son has grown tremendously: socially, emotionally and academically.”

Musalia Kihamba


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