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Almasi I.C School Admissions

We are grateful for an opportunity to work with you in the long journey of preparing your children for their life purpose. We look forward to walk together with you. Together we can be the bridge to your children’s true aspirations. Our admission process begins here:


We are happy to welcome you.

Thank you for your interest in Almasi School. Education is the greatest investment you can make in the life of your children.  You will find the admission process into our school a simple and painless procedure. Almasi School believes in a collaborative relationship with parents. We believe, as a Christian parent you will find our curriculum holistic and our mission noble. Partner with us to raise the next generation of God-fearing change-makers who will impact their societies from a God’s viewpoint.



  • Everlyne – 0703908338 or
  • Anne – 0713 675228 / 0782675228
  • Sophia – 0703908340
  1. Book an appointment to visit the school.
  2. Pay for diagnostic test for your child (5 years and older) – two school days needed
  3. Discuss results and placement for your child
  4. Fill in and return application forms
  5. Get academic projection for your child
  6. Pay admission fees and curriculum deposit to facilitate PACE (curriculum) order or your child.


Learning Difficulty (LD) simply refers to the inability to accomplish learning activities or milestones expected at a certain stage of development. These can be mild, moderate or severe.

Learning Difficulties can be caused by things such as: the mother becoming ill in pregnancy, problems during the birth that stop enough oxygen getting to the brain, the unborn baby inheriting certain genes from its parents that make having a learning disability more likely – known as inherited learning disability, illness, or injury in early childhood. Sometimes there’s no known cause for a learning disability. (NHS-UK, nd)

Almasi School offers basic LDA by trained personnel to determine Special Education Needs for LD learners. Depending on the outcome and where possible, learners may be integrated into the Almasi School community on an Individual Education Plan (IEP).


Worldview Defined: the way someone thinks about the world. Everyone is influenced and lives according to a worldview. A world worldview is formed by one’s education, upbringing, culture and exposure to media such as books and movies. (ICCE Procedures Manual, 2017)

Biblical Worldview: Acknowledges that God exists and is the based on the Word of God. It implies a belief that the Bible is trustworthy and true, knowledge of what the Word of God teaches and a willingness to live life accordingly.

ICCE students are encouraged to know, understand and apply the Word of God, enabling them to interact from a biblical worldview perspective in all situations and with regard to all life issues. (ICCE Procedures Manual, 2017)

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7)


Pedagogy refers to the interaction between the learner and the educator. In ACE, students have access to an educator when they need one and they are assisted on an individual basis. This enables the educator to impart more than just knowledge. The educator, also known as the supervisor or monitor, imparts values, builds confidence, encourages, connects with the student, and builds community while supporting the student academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. ((ICCE Procedures Manual, 2017)